Natural glycerine soap with goat’s milk and honey extract

It contains concentrated extract which hydrates and improves elasticity and resilience of the skin. Honey and milk protein extracts make the grey and tired skin shine again.

Natural glycerine soap with green coffee extract

The extract contained in the soap stimulates and revitalises the skin, as well as improves blood supply. Skin regains healthy look. The caffeine contained in it helps to reduce fatty tissue.

Natural glycerine soap with pearl extract

Pearl extract hydrates, firms and tightens the skin which helps to fight the first signs of skin ageing. It tones and firms the skin, as well as gives it a silky look.

Natural glycerine soap with wild rose extract

It has a beautiful and sensual aroma. Recommended for skin requiring regeneration, dried, with the first signs of ageing.

Natural glycerine soap with mint extract

Mint refreshes, tones, soothes irritations. It can be used for soothing skin irritations, e.g. after depilation.

Natural glycerine soap with lime tree extract

It gently cleanses the skin and is designed for all skin types. The extract slightly tightens, covers, softens and protects the skin.

Natural glycerine soap with acacia flower fragrance oil

Soap with antiseptic and relaxing effect, which regenerates excessively dry and chapped skin. Recommended for sensitive skin.

Natural glycerine soap with lavender fragrance oil

Lavender fragrance oil has bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Recommended for the skin prone to inflammations, eczema.

Natural glycerine soap with green tea extract

The extract contained in the soap has a soothing effect and is recommended for soothing all skin irritations. Green tea has a beneficial effect on the skin, and a delicate vegetal fragrance will ensure well-being.

Natural glycerine soap with argan oil

It contains the most valued cosmetic oil and is designed for all skin types. It hydrates, firms, smoothes and revitalises the epidermis.

Natural glycerine soap with black caraway extract

Black caraway extract is rich in amino acids, has strong regenerative properties and prevents the creation of free radicals.

Natural glycerine soap with common sea buckthorn

Common sea buckthorn extracts are natural antioxidants which prolong the youth of the skin. The extract protects and regenerates the skin. It is a great antioxidant. This soap is used for daily care of dry, sensitive and irritated skin.