100% natural

When we create new recipes, we try to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the content of substances produced synthetically from our products. It is extremely difficult and considerably complicates the production process. Nevertheless, the result of it is that we know we are one of the few manufacturers of cosmetics products, if not the only one, that does not abuse the word “natural” in their description. It has become a regular practice on the market to recommend cosmetics based on synthetic substances to customers as “natural”. We encourage all people interested in our products to familiarise themselves with their composition, and we will be happy to answer any questions regarding the ingredients used.

non sensitising

Nowadays, one of the main causes of a real allergy epidemic is the daily contact of the skin with synthetic surfactants, which form the basis for the vast majority of hygiene and beauty products. Users of our products are not exposed to detergents. Fragrances are another carrier of substances contained in cosmetics which cause allergies. In “Vespera” we use two types of aroma sources. In our offer, people who prefer the completely natural cosmetics will find products that owe their aroma to the use of natural fragrance oils or compositions based on them. Despite the fact that those substances are completely natural, they contain allergens. The second type of fragrances contained in our cosmetics are synthetic compositions devoid of allergens, thus completely safe. All our products have been dermatologically tested.

chemical free

We keep on stressing the fact that there no synthetic ingredients in our products or their content is minimal. Our soaps and gels contain cleaning agents such as natural sodium or potassium soaps – not detergents containing parabens or other substances which have a negative effect on our bodies in the long run. We belong to a small group of producers that massively produce cosmetics composed of truly natural ingredients.